Choose Pro-Tech Sales and Service for Water Pumps in Thunder Bay

Are you planning to buy a new water pump? Or has your existing water pump stopped working suddenly? If so, call the professionals at Pro-Tech Sales and Service for quality water pumps. We offer complete sales and service of water pumps in Thunder Bay. We sell, install, repair and service your water pumps, water filtration systems and more in a professional manner. You can also count on us for the installation of electric motors that can pump gallons of water within minutes. The motors we install are from some of the top-quality brands in the market. If you want high-quality electric water pumps in your home, give us a call today and we’ll handle the rest.

Purify Your Drinking Water with Water Filtration and UV Systems

Provide your family with healthy and bacteria-free water by installing a quality water filtration system from us. We also ensure that your drinking water is safe with our UV systems. By installing a quality water filtration or an ultraviolet system, you can make your water 99.99% free from bacteria and other impurities. In addition, we can install and repair water treatment systems to soften the water you use for bathing and cleaning purposes.

Sewage Pumps

If you have dreams of adding a bathroom while finishing your basement, you must think of the addition of a sewage pump. By having your bathroom below the sewer line entrance, a pump is required to pump water and waste out, the same way it is required to break down and pump waste out of your home if you have a septic field. Pro-Tech Sales and Service offers sewage pumps that ensure the smooth functioning of toilets and sewer lines in your home.

Radon Removal

Radon may be odourless and colourless, but it is responsible for 16% of lung cancer-related deaths in Canada. Close-to-harmless when released outside, radon can build up in your home and cause serious harm to your family’s health. If radon is found in your home, fast remediation is recommended. Pro-Tech Sales and Service can help eliminate radon from your home and restore your peace of mind.

Brands We Offer

For more information on water filtration systems and electric water pumps in Thunder Bay, contact us or visit our store today.

Need Help with Your Water Filters?

Our experienced staff will repair or install water filtration system in your home.

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